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Perfect screening

Aiwo aids you with good posture film screening with a four sidetracking to your body completely.

Skilled physios

Aiwo enables you the best posture screening in Chennai with our supreme physiotherapist monitoring you at each step.

Track your posture @ Instance

We track your postures with four views and give you a report at the end of the screening. We offer you secured posture assessment with our skilled experts precisely.

About Us

Launching you a unit of Aiwo advanced screening assessments with our therapists in a spacious 12,000 sq.ft. medical center. Offering you the best treatment to fix your posture displacements.

Aiwo screens your body completely and helps you to know clearly about the problems in your postures. Beware of your posture that will help you to stay healthy. Reduce your time that you spend on the posture screening that is required for the diagnosis to get effective treatment.

Posture screening will be evaluating the whole body over the muscles and spinal joints. Our screening will assess the stress points, motions, other problems, spine misalignments, and the tender areas which impact the health or the posture.

How do we screen?

Screening is complete with software aided by Aiwo, get benefited by Aiwo posture screening analysis. Our screening helps you to get perfect postures. The report also includes appropriate angulation and translations of the displacement over your posture.

Posterior view

Posterior view screening of the body will assess the posture of the spine, the shoulder, and the scalp on both the right and left sides.

Anterior view

Anterior view screening of the body will assess the whole body involving the head from tip of the nose to middle chin to top sternum.

Screen Your Postures

Get rid of headaches, boost your energy level, reduce back pain, and maintain your lungs. Get additional benefits of good digestion and improved circulation. Strengthen your scalp and have reduced Temporomandibular Joint pain.

A glimpse of Aiwo posture screening!

Screen your body completely and know where you are displaced. Our Physios track and fix your slouches.

Posture Screening

Free Chennai posture screening Analysis Aiwo Contact 9655096552 12,000 sqft of purpose-built space offering a suite of physiotherapy services.

Use postural brace to maintain support and promote right posture Correct the posture: stand upright with shoulder braced up Solution for busy people having sedentary life style Postural brace constrains back & shoulder to keep them in prompt position

Use postural brace to maintain support and promote right posture Correct the posture: stand upright with shoulder braced up Solution for busy people having sedentary life style Postural brace constrains back & shoulder to keep them in prompt position Light weight high quality fabric. Easily washable Can be worn under the clothes

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Manvee Mahendran

As an athlete, I am very cautious about my posture. I need to be energetic and need stamina. There was a lag over the energy level and stamina. I decided to try to screen my posture or take up posture screening with Aiwo. Physios have supported me in every step I have good energy and stamina now this is because of fixing my posture displacements.

Sarathbabu Srinivasan

As a Techy software developer, I don’t have physical activity. I feel so tired and there will be mood swings and reduced energy levels. I was recommended by my physio to take the posture screening analysis powered by Aiwo. I was stunting with the technology that they use to contour my posture displacement. They helped me with the sessions that helped me to have perfect postures and get rid of my mood swing with an overwhelming energy level.

Praveen Kumar Palaniswamy

I am a soldier and my cousin who is a physio recommended me to take a Posture screening at Aiwo. I am shocked, when I came to know that I have displaced postures I was scared. Upfront Physios have helped me to fix my displaced posture.

Srinisha Sarvesh Kumar

I am a fashion technology student and an upcoming model. As a model, I just wanted to track my posture. My profession heavily relies on the way I project myself and my body would be my signature. So I just had a chance to screen my body and get rid of my displacements.

Vandhana Varadarajan

Hey folks! Your posture screening is amazing. I am a fitness freak. I take all the assessments or tests to track my fitness. Posture screening at Aiwo helped me precisely screen and contour all my displaced postures.


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